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The Spencer Trust Fund

This Fund focuses on the LQBTQ+ community and is specifically for the people of Nottingham
and Nottinghamshire. Successful projects will help people to get the right support, advice,
opportunities and development to become healthy and active people.

The Fund is open and the board will meet bi-monthly to review applications. This funding will support organisations that do not currently receive funding and work with LGBT+ communities.


What do we fund?

This Fund will support small, grassroots organisations that work with LGBT+ people to deliver
projects and activities around one or more of the following:


  1.  Addressing isolation in the LGBT+ community in Nottingham, including peer support

  2.  Providing safe physical and virtual spaces for LGBTQ+ people

  3. Offer support around crisis, hardship, and poverty

  4.  Campaigning and support for LGBT+ people's voices. To challenge cultural stereotypes, championing Nottingham as a zero-tolerance city for homophobia and conversion therapy

  5. Mental Health support

  6. Access to safe and secure housing for LGBTQ+ people

  7. Support to families

  8. To help LGBT+ people to be heard within mainstream services and organisations

  9. To improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS, including carers, partners, and family members


*Your project or activity should benefit a minimum of 70% LGBTQ+ people. This grant will not
fund on-costs (with the exception of sessional workers) The trustees reserve the right to close
applications without notice.

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