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A note from our Founder


Jenna Lowry-Hubball

The Spencer Trust name came about as we wanted to honour our late friend Duane Spencer.  Anyone that knew him (and I think that was most people on the scene in the 2000s) knew that he was the life of the party and was very much loved by all who knew him.  He was spontaneous, funny, loyal and the person you wanted to spend your whole night with, he was just so fun and cheeky.  However, behind his charming smile and fierce dance moves (Bodyrox was his fave!) Duane was struggling with his mental health for a number of years, and despite involvement with a number of services, he sadly took his own life.

Duane would have LOVED how the community has come back together the way that it has.  A friend captured the sentiment well… “We all knew just how much you would have wanted to be a part of it - well now you are.”  It only seemed right to try and help more people like Duane and to honour him by calling this The Spencer Trust.

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